Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa didn't appreciate Faye's comments, and, unlike Kyle, she only saw one pitbull at the dinner.

on Jan 7, 2013

I felt such sadness seeing Taylor in that position of giving her wedding ring away. For it to have come to that, I hope she felt some sort of closure, coupled with relief at being able to put this whole tragedy behind her.

And there we have it. As we all move forward opening some doors and closing others, I certainly have more clarity with regard to our group of women. Some inspire me by their strength of character and in some I have been disappointed, as I know you the viewer has. But as we enter this new year, I have optimism for the future. I also have to check myself, and make sure we always take stock of our blessings, be kind to one another, and embrace the ones you love.

Love always Lisa.