Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa shares more on her courtship with Ken, her hesitance about Warren's relationship, and returning to France.

on Feb 25, 2013

I explained how when Warren first met Sue, the 16 year age difference, the secrecy that had transpired, was not something we supported. But I learned a very valuable lesson, when our children make a choice, remember our opinions and influence are pretty much redundant. The intimacy between a couple supersedes the parental relationship and take heed -- it is not a battle that is worth fighting. It took a while, a few years, that with hindsight was a complete waste of emotion. And now 26 years and a lovely grandson for Ken later, we would have to admit we were wrong.

I have to be frank, my family in England have not supported my choice to venture into this world. But there you have it. It has afforded me a plethora of opportunities and a smorgasbord of amazing challenges, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I interact with you the viewer on Twitter and read your blogs, and I will say for the most part you are all incredibly kind, honest, and supportive.

I was happy to see Yolanda back in this weeks episode. I have a similar attitude as her to life, with the fact that being straightforward without aggression is a much better way to communicate. She confronted Taylor with a firm but direct attitude, which we will see more of, and it was an interesting moment, for sure. I understand that Taylor has an opinion about David, which might be a little one-sided as she is close to his ex-wife, but it shouldn't influence her own experience.