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What Is Wrong With Faye?

Lisa reflects on Faye, her marriage, and Adrienne's time as a Housewife.

So it's time to say goodbye. As we wrap up this third season, I can hardly believe the tumultuous ride we have all taken!

Oh dear I thought, when I viewed this episode, with Faye accusing me of controlling what Brandi says then furthering the analogy that Kyle used saying having a friendship with me was like playing chess. I hardly know Faye. She only is ever present as Kyle's sidekick and this year as a "friend of the Housewives." Also insinuating that Brandi was responsible for the breakup of Paul and Adrienne's marriage -- I wondered what on earth is wrong with this woman? Always inserting herself into the midst of any possibly awkward situation just to capture screen time.

I do agree with Yolanda that for Adrienne to arrive at my house seemed slightly inappropriate. The fact that we were renewing our vows was the worst kept secret, and I imagine she knew that. The relationship has never recovered to what it used to be. She should've stayed home.

This season has been tough for her, but I hope she will learn some sort of lesson from it. One should be that if you have so much to hide, don't do a reality show. Our business becomes your business when we sign up for it. You cannot have the pros without the cons. That being said we were all sorry to see the dissolution of their marriage.

Brandi was so sweet to come and find me and put it all in perspective. Our vow renewal was something you all were well aware I was unsure of, and I could still clearly see the uncertainty as it came to fruition, but in the end I don't regret a moment of it.

Thirty years is a lifetime -- a lifetime that has been filled with joy, sadness, and all the stressful demands that raising a family, being a business partner, mother and ever-loving wife requires! I wouldn't have changed a minute of it. Even the lows make you appreciate the highs as we travel through life together. I want to thank you the viewer for following our convoluted story this season.

You will have already watched the Reunion Part 1, by now. I have not seen it yet as I have been stretched to the limit, time wise, but I do remember, with the memory of last year's still firmly planted in my mind, I entered into it with a different attitude. I was not going to be blindsided and I felt the need to deal with it in a business-like manner. Call it out, resolve it, and move on. I believe we have one more and then lost footage, so don't leave us just yet.

I am sorry my blog is late. Life has been demanding of late. Dancing With the Stars was so much fun last night. Thank you for your support as it the most challenging thing I have ever committed to and am barely holding on!

So I will sign off. Send my love and wishes to you all. I read all your comments so please post.

Until next week...Love Lisa.