Marisa Zanuck

Marisa reflects on her part in Season 3 and on her "fight" with Brandi.

on Mar 26, 2013

Brandi and I never ever had an issue, about the text or about anything else. I made a mistake, apologized and we quickly moved past it. I really connect with Brandi because she says exactly what is on her mind. I do the same thing and as you know our unfiltered opinions have gotten us in to trouble. Despite that, we both have big hearts and are forgiving people. I can take care of myself and I do not talk shit, I speak the truth. I read your comments about Yolanda and I agree that she was being a good friend to Brandi. My blog reflected my thoughts in that moment but as you can see Yolanda and I ended on a very positive note.

Lisa's vow renewal was very touching and it really made me think about myself my life and my family. I admire Lisa and Ken for being married 30 years! I think it is an amazing triumph and Dean and I are half way there. I also want to add that I do not believe Lisa is Brandi's mouthpiece. Lisa and Brandi have become very close and it is only natural for friends to defend each other when they are being attacked.

I have to say I was shocked when Adrienne walked into Lisa's vow renewal party because she represented a very sad irony. It must have taken a lot of balls to show up that night and believe me I couldn't have done it. I have compassion for Lisa because it couldn't have been easy to feel special about renewing her vows when a guest is hysterical over her fresh separation. Lisa wanted her vow renewal to represent love and happiness and sadly that day Adrienne represented the complete opposite. I also have compassion for Adrienne, perhaps she just needed to be surrounded by her best girlfriends, Kyle, Kim and Taylor and it felt genuine when they said they will always be there for her. I wish Adrienne nothing but the best in life.