Taylor Armstrong

Taylor shares her struggles with alcohol and admits that she did find some good advice in Kim's intervention.

on Feb 26, 2013

So. . .I did take some of Kyle and Kim’s advice. I did three things. I decided Kyle was right and it was time to leave the house. I needed to let go of that final piece in order to move on with my life. I took Kim's suggestion and went to the mountains for the winter. I have taken that opportunity to heal and to spend time with Kennedy enjoying the simple things. Finally, I went cold turkey off my medication. Not recommended but, I am a bit of an extremist -- in case you haven't noticed.

Surprisingly, I started to sleep, I started to love, and I didn't need to medicate with alcohol. I want to feel everything that my new life has in store for me. I am happy and healthy. Kennedy is happy, laughing, and singing everyday. I'm coming home to Beverly Hills as a new woman with my past behind me and a new life in front of me.

Until next week! Big kiss from my big lips.