Taylor Armstrong

Taylor explains why she was confused about Kennedy's whereabouts and discusses Adrienne's "human stain."

on Feb 18, 2013

As you can imagine, I was shocked on the phone to hear Kennedy was at Kim’s because that was not the specific instruction and plan we had for the weekend. I take my responsibility for Kennedy more seriously than anything. Kyle knows this well, and I am hurt she didn’t communicate this and the facts of the evening when the girls were discussing it at the table at Kim’s.

I don’t find myself that interesting on a daily basis but clearly Marisa does, considering she can’t resist talking about me in the press and blogging about me. Marisa doesn’t know me and doesn’t know Kennedy. I don’t know her and don’t find her interesting enough to want to. She has no business talking about my child. Adrienne was a friend for years and does know how seriously I take the care and parenting of my daughter. I am furious she sat there at the table and didn’t say a thing to support me or defend me. I am not surprised considering her lack of support for both Kennedy and me over the last few years, just disappointed. . .again.

As we are seeing this year, seems to be a trend. Hopefully, things will become clear in the next episode.

As for my being “tipsy” when I phoned, I was. I had been at a business meeting all afternoon and then met my friend, business advisor (and ultimately my boyfriend), John at the Peninsula hotel for a late lunch. He and I had just resolved yet another of the challenges I had been left with and we decided it was worthy of a champagne toast (or two).