Taylor Armstrong

Taylor explains the symbolize behind giving up her wedding ring and "cleansing" her house's aura.

on Jan 7, 2013

I know it may seem a bit wacky to have a spiritual advisor cleanse my house and give me her advice regarding legal matters, but, I was willing to do almost anything from the normal to the paranormal to try and calm my anxiety about it all.

Alisha reached out to me through a friend that I trust. She came highly recommended and I figured it couldn't hurt and just might help. There were plenty of tough times in my home and a cleansing and blessing seemed like a good idea in my quest to put the past behind me. The process felt a little silly, and, of course, I had to have a bit of fun with it. I still have the black rock (to absorb negative energy). It sits on my vanity, and I frequently hold it and try and let go of negativity. Lets face it, there is plenty of that floating around in this life.

Alisha was correct and we did settle the lawsuit. I had never been in litigation before and facing a public company on my own was scary as hell. To learn that they wanted my wedding ring to settle was heart-wrenching. I wasn't wearing the ring and the material object wasn't important to me but, it felt like letting go all over again. More importantly, it was one of very few happy mementoes that I expected Kennedy to have. I had hoped she would wear it when she got married.