Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 15:'s Editor wants to take everyone to Starbucks -- in Paris.

on Feb 25, 2013

Bonjour my favorite Parisians! How are you doing on this magical day? Are you feeling the French vibes? Or are you feeling like perhaps you're having a little too many croissants (and by croissants I mean cocktails)? Let's try to get a handle on this week's episode and see.

Turtle Time
We open with Kim taking her new noes over to Kyle's to visit. Kim has nowhere to sit in her own house, as it turns out, so she's popped over to her sister's to look at the turtles and discuss Taylor. She wants to tell Taylor that she's worried about her recent flightly and perhaps alcohol-fueled behavior. So the ladies decided to do a little pop by at Ms. Armstrong's to chat.

Taylor explains that the issue with Kennedy was hand-off confusion between her nanny and her mother, but Kim believes that it goes beyond what happened at her party. Taylor's had quite a year so you can't fault her for finding various ways to cope, but if it's out-of-control than that's another issue entirely. It was difficult watching Taylor face her issues, but really heartwarming to see Kim step up in her sobriety and help someone struggling with the same issues she had.