Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 15:'s Editor wants to take everyone to Starbucks -- in Paris.

on Feb 25, 2013

Family Matters
Next we see Lisa, Ken, and Giggy finally make it to Saint Tropez. Shockingly enough they aren't just visiting Ken' son and his wife -- but also Ken's grandson. Yes, Ken is proud papa not only to Giggy (and Pandora and Max) but also grandpapa to Warren's son. What an adoarble brood (and no I don't just mean because Giggy is involved).

While Lisa's already sipping champagne in France, the rest of the ladies are trying to get themselves out of the U.S. Kim is relieved to be at a place in her life where packing is far less laborious, lending us to a flashback of her late arrival (see: non-arrival) for the ladies' Hawaii flight. Apparently back in the day, Kim was sneaking a lot of wine in her Starbucks cups (perhaps that's why Yolanda wanted her and Taylor to gab at Starbucks so badly). It's amazing seeing Kim and Kyle start to open up and enjoy each other's company.

Sadly, one of the gals does not make it. Marisa's father-in-law passed away. Thankfully the Zanucks got the news before getting on the plane, the small silver lining in the darkest moment.

Once the gals make it to Paris, the bottles are immediately popped. Giggy comes in his best Parisian duds (sadly not a beret) and all appears to be going grandly. That is until Kim is noticeably late and oddly erratic.

Well, the ladies did say there would be fireworks.

Next week the ladies have some trouble with ducks and drama at the Eifel Tower. Until then, what was your favorite part of the Parisian excursion so far? Giggy on his own? Yolanda's blunt pre-summit with Taylor? Brandi pondering the rules of a threesome? Leave it in the comments!