Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 18:'s Editor wishes Adrienne and Paul made it and that everyone made nice at Lisa's vow renewal.

on Mar 18, 2013

Hello lovers, trees, and vodka fans. We are almost at the end of this season's journey, but of course there is much, much more drama before we are done. Let's try to make sense of this penultimate craziness shall we?

Pandy, the Pink Panther
Lisa is doing her best to relax in the face of all things housewarming/vow renewal. She does her best to grin and endure Ken picking out his best pink shirt (Like you had to ask Ken! Lisa always wants you in pink!) because she loves him and that's what people in love do. They make sacrifices that result in heart-arches. But Lisa's very, very curious about Ken's vows, so she puts Pandora on the case of figuring out what he's going to opine. If I had to guess it's something that's going to make us all cry. . . but that's just a guess. Hopefully Pandora decides to force Giggy to wear a wire to get to the bottom of it, because wouldn't that be adorable? Giggy the informant!

Meanwhile, Adrienne's prepping for a party of her own. She's launching a line of red velvet vodka called Zing. And so she wants to throw a party that's appropriately sweet and covered in cream cheese frosting -- just kidding, it's covered in sensual body paint. Yes, there are all sorts of statuesque folks in their finest tree camouflage, hands poking out of faux bushes, and enough light-up vodka to keep everyone entertained. But all those woodland humans aren't enough to lure Lisa and Brandi, who decide to skip the whole shindig in favor of massages and letting Ken prove how great his new hip works. Ah, the wonders of modern medicine.