Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 7:'s Editor tries to make sense of the flower/apology drama at Kyle's dinner party.

on Dec 14, 2012

Hello there my little truth cannons. Are you finding your truth has caused some troubles? And you can't sit down to dinner with some ladies because of it? Let's evaluate this episode and see if it's possible to break bread with folks in the wake of The Secret-gate.

You Lie
We open the episode right in the thick of Brandi and Adrienne’s confrontation. Adrienne leaves in a huff, with Kyle sort of pawing at the door wondering what's gone on (pensively pawing at doors means this was bad, it's the prime indicator of a truly heinous Housewives fight).

In the aftermath, everyone reacts. Kyle's first reaction is to ask Kim, whyever in the world she would have said something to Adrienne now. Kim defends herself saying that it simply couldn’t wait. Mauricio, on the other hand blames Brandi, and goes up to her and says as much. Meanwhile, Taylor has issues with the way that Paul spoke to a woman and the whole outing of a secret reminds her of a certain situation from last season, which enrages Camille. Hoopla abounds! Brandi escapes with her friend Darrin, who just desperately wants a glass of wine. I think all of the women deserved a carafe of wine after this. Lord.