Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 7:'s Editor tries to make sense of the flower/apology drama at Kyle's dinner party.

on Dec 14, 2012

We find out later that Kim blames Kyle for the whole kerfuffle. She lit the proverbial fuse by asking Brandi what was going on with her and Adrienne anyway. Kim just sees this as basic fire-control notes -- Don't hold a match so close firecrackers and then blame the firecracker she says! The answer is keeping matches in lock boxes, or drawers or something. Anyway, Kim is not taking the fall. She's taking her health into her own hands and doing exercises and going to Vegas for her son's birthday. She's going to spend plenty of time at the spa and away from temptation. There's no gambling on her sobriety here.

Gate Check
Meanwhile, Lisa is attempting to both nurse Ken back to health and get a new gate installed. Perhaps it was her fault for having it put in during tea time. Of course, Ken is just trying to wind her up. As is Brandi with those flowers. Watch out or Lisa might be strangling you next. She doesn't care how thirsty you are. Lisa is thirsting for people not bothering her.

Speaking of bothering her, young Scheana would love to set up a time to talk to Brandi. She wants to clear the air post the whole Eddie situation. Er, probably not a good time to surprise Brandi with more dramatics. Maybe just let her get past Secret-gate before delving into the depths of her past problems. Brandi's picking at her face already!

So Brandi gives Lisa the download on the drama and mentions that an unflattering story has cropped up with what she believes are Adrienne's fingerprints upon it. Lisa offers a zen-style approach to the situation. Now that she and Adrienne have made up she feels a great indifference towards the Maloof (ouch) and wants Brandi to just let it go. For the sake of her face! But Brandi's not going down without a fight. She fears Adrienne's power and believes things can get worse. How!?! This is already threat level orange of horrid tension.