Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 19:'s Editor sums up a finale full of fights, love, and cake.

on Mar 25, 2013

Several splits, llamas, Parisian fights, rose swings, lemon trees, and secrets later, we've reached the end of Season 3. And I hope you're ready to spend it both celebrating love and lamenting its demise.

Hearts Equal Marriage
As more people stream in and out of Lisa's housewarming party, the revelers are starting to suspect that it might be more than just a shindig to celebrate the new home. Perhaps it was the priest and heart-arches that tipped them off.

But while one union is being reunionized, blame is being distributed for the fall of another. Brandi and Yolanda are still aghast at Faye's claim that Adrienne and Paul's divorce is at the hands of Miss Glanville. And so they decide to take a moment to finish their chat with Marisa sans Faye's two cents. Marisa claims that she wasn't mad at Brandi and explains that she's sorry about the whole affair. Brandi's final ask to Marisa: who was saying Brandi would sleep with most anyone? Answer: Faye. Well that ensures that Brandi's not done having this conversation with Faye just yet.