Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 19:'s Editor sums up a finale full of fights, love, and cake.

on Mar 25, 2013

Tearfully Late
Moments later, Adrienne arrives, tweaking the saying, "It's my party I'll cry if I want to" into something like "It's my frenemies party and I'll cry if I want to." Adrienne explains how tough the separation already is on her and the kids, and it's heinous to watch a family splitting apart. Thankfully she has the ladies (well some of them) there to support her.

Meanwhile, Ken's sense of decorum was rocked that Adrienne didn't come over and apologize for her lateness, while Adrienne was shocked Lisa didn't come by to check on her. Here I default to you fair commenters, who was in the wrong? If you tearfully enter a party is it your responsibility or the hosts to announce yourself?

All this sadness, does cause Lisa to feel that renewing her vows in the midst of the hoopla is a bit disingenuous. Brandi, while wishing that she could take this opportunity to slip in and marry Ken, prods her to celebrate the love she and Ken have, anyway. Particularly since Ken's on borrowed time (so wrong, so hilarious, so Brandi).