Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 6:'s editor ponders if Ms. Glanville has gone to far in her fight with Adrienne.

on Dec 10, 2012

Now that the staffing situation is cleared up (including insuring the Brandi's ex's ex won't be working), Lisa can focus on greeting her guests. And shockingly Kim arrives on the early side. This means that we are treated to Kim joking about taking off Ken's underwear. . .and then even better giving her sister the kind of "Where are you call?" Kim received from Kyle on so many occassions. Maybe Kim and Brandi do love each other!

Also to add to the many, many spin off show possibilities I've presented in this here blog, I give you one more: What about a program where Brandi and Kim just leave people voicemails? We just give them the whole Bravoleb rolodex and set them off. This could at least be enough for a holiday special.

Anyway, Lisa uses this as an opportunity to point out how great Kim is doing and ask her if she's doing as well as she looks. Kim mentions that she still struggles with certain people in her life. . . including some people at the table, you know, Kyle. But they are working on things. Hopefully by the next Housewives dinner we'll be toasting (with virgin drinks) to their wonderful relationship.

You Dropped a Bomb on Them
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Housewives dinner without some smack talking, and thus Adrienne comes up. Brandi has lots of choice things to say about the matter -- like a lot of things to say about the matter. Brandi is upset with Adrienne because she says that Paul and Adrienne asked her to say negative things about Lisa on Twitter. Kim is starting to squirm heavily in her chair at all this chatter. And then Brandi drops a bomb. . . .