Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 6:'s editor ponders if Ms. Glanville has gone to far in her fight with Adrienne.

on Dec 10, 2012

Yes, a bomb that shall not be named, but a bomb all the same.

The ladies are shocked, and scuttle out quickly. Kim however, isn’t going to just let this drop. She hurries after Taylor to see what the ladies should do now. It's interesting to see Kim jump so quickly to the middle of this fray. Hopefully her getting involved doesn't make matters worse. . .

Bringing Hairy Back
Meanwhile, in another part of Beverly Hills away from Brandi's bombs, Paul is just trying to shred some lettuce. His desire for surgical precision makes the process slightly more difficult, but the barbeque must go on.
While Paul is very particularly about the way he shreds his lettuce, he's less particular about his back hair. Seriously buddy. If you care so much for those Roma tomatoes, care as much about your back. Don't you have people around that are constantly prepping bodies for surgery? Couldn't they just give you a quick shave every once in a while? It's worth paying one of the nurses over time. I promise.