Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 6:'s editor ponders if Ms. Glanville has gone to far in her fight with Adrienne.

on Dec 10, 2012

Paging Patient Todd
Speaking of prepping the area, the arrives for Ken to have his hip replacement surgery. While Lisa is nervous about him going under the knife, Ken has some concerns about his lodging. Will the hospital room have satin sheets? What's the TV like?

Even with the baller suite, Lisa is still anxious. She just loves Ken and wants him to be OK. Who can blame her? Show me an IV and I'm trembling. Show me a faux hip and I'm at miniature dog levels of shakes.

In the end, Ken is fine. He comes out a little groggy, forcing Lisa to attempt to revive him with few delicate touches. Thankfully he has a very attractive nurse to help guide him into lucidity. For the nurse's sake she might not want to get to handsy though, that's most definitely Lisa's job.