Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 16:'s Editor wishes Kim slept through the duck murder and Lisa and Kyle had focused on the scenery.

on Mar 4, 2013

Hello Francophiles and ducks who have not be prey to Housewives. Welcome to the part deux of the gals' jaunt to Paris. Because fights are better at international landmarks, the women took the time to have a major bust-up at the Eiffel Tower. Making memories! Let's make sense of this hoopla, shall we?

The Yolanda Diaries
We open with, of course, Yolanda exercising along the scenic Seine with Brandi. God knows, it would be nice to go on vacation with such a fitness taskmaster. I'm sure if I was there with Yolanda she would have to pry the baguettes and crepes from my cold dead hands. Instead she managed to coax Brandi to couple those treats with a reason to wear adorable exercise clothes and bond over their shared history living in Paris as young, impressionable models. Don't you wish there was a RHOBH prequel in which we saw these two as teens in Paris. It would surely put The Carrie Diaries to shame.

In other parts Parisian, Mauricio puts Kyle on lockdown -- romantic, bridge, key lockdown. Could Mauricio be more romantic and handsome? Seriously. Again, I would have been using that lock to keep baguettes away from myself.

And on yet another cobblestone street, Ken, Lisa, and Kim were shopping for Giggy a fashionable beret (and surely a few things for themselves). Kim shared that she still felt a strain in her relationship with Kyle and Lisa explains that she feels the same way. Lisa suggest that perhaps the relaxed vibes of France could propel the sisters to have a conversation. I'm not sure that vacation is the perfect time to tell someone, "I feel my relationship with you is fully surface," but then again I've never had a Parisian stamp in my passport. Maybe Kim could send an Edible Arrangement of croissants instead of fruit to get her point across?