Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 9:'s Editor wonders why belly dancing couldn't solve Brandi and Adrienne's legal troubles.

on Jan 14, 2013

Hello my Moroccan friends. Are you ready to belly dance your legal troubles away? Well, sadly you can't. But perhaps you can call someone and talk it out. Until then let's recap shall we.

Don’t Cry for Me Argen-Scheana
We open with the end of Brandi's meeting with the young Scheana. After that surely enjoyable conversation Brandi needed a drank. . .and luckily the 'Pump was there to provide. She poured Ms. Glanville one of her signature over-large glasses of rose and the girls gabbed it out.

It broke my heart to hear Brandi say that Eddie was the love of her life and to try her damnedest to be strong. Thankfully Lisa plied her with promises that Brandi was indeed her favorite and that she can always retire an old maid to her guest house. Uh, Lisa, I also need a place to retire as an old spinster. Do you have room for two?

Also can you blame Brandi for forcing Lisa to say that she was her favorite aloud? If I was in the company of Lisa and had the opportunity to for her to say nice things about me, I'd make her do it constantly. Like, every five minutes. "Lisa am I still your favorite?" "Yes, Kimberly please stop asking. It's not attractive to beg."