Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 9:'s Editor wonders why belly dancing couldn't solve Brandi and Adrienne's legal troubles.

on Jan 14, 2013

Perhaps because the moves have gotten her heart racing, Kim decides to take this floor-seated, tea-guzzling moment to talk to Kyle about their relationship. Kim doesn't want to hold grudges, so she apologizes. But Kyle's not ready to accept until she sees some more progress from her dear sister.

Thankfully Taylor interjects from that tension by wondering where exactly the group's waiter might be and where her Ken (or Lisa) might be. Unfortunately, this spirals into a conversation about Taylor dating, which crosses into Taylor's legal dramas, which crosses into Brandi’s legal dramas. . . and thus the whole Adrienne conversation is back on the table.

Surprisingly the person who is most vocal in the fight is Mauricio. He thinks Brandi needs to just call Adrienne up. Taylor thinks everyone should join hands and stay as long as it takes to work this out.
And then Ken jumps in to defend Brandi, leading to a bro-fight that breaks my heart. Ken and Mauricio can't fight! They have to get along. They play tennis together. And then Lisa's pissed about selling stories. And then it's about Brandi’s kids. Basically the fight is about everything. Everyone is involved and it's awful.

Are you starting to wonder if there will ever be peace in the valley Hills? It seems we'll have to wait until next week to see. It looks like Mauricio tries to ply Ken with liquor to make up, so that's a start. Everyone likes a boozy gift right?

Until then, leave your thoughts on the feud in the comments. Do you think Brandi should have just called Adrienne? Or do you think it's a lawyer-to-lawyer problem now?