Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 10:'s Editor doesn't hold a grudge against Mauricio, Mohammed, or the mannequins.

on Jan 18, 2013

Well Beverly Hills fans. In case I've offended you, I've gone ahead and gotten a nice bottle of gin. You don't want it. Well, call me Mauricio then.
Just kidding. Let's try and recap shall we.

The Call
We open back at the restaurant with Mauricio continuing to maintain that the entire debacle could be stopped with a well-placed phone call. As Brandi and Mauricio get increasingly heated, Kyle steps in and tells Mauricio to stop. And then everyone else jumps in. . .

Ken jumps in to tell Mauricio he never listens and to defend Brandi. Taylor jumps in to say she's been through much more than everyone else involved. Yolanda jumps in to say she’s talking nonsense.

This fight is like some sort of tumbleweed that just collects everyone as it rolls along. The string ball just gets bigger and bigger. If they sit there long enough the waiters are going to start giving their legal opinions on the matter.

After a semi-calming moment in the bathroom and an amazing moment where Kim and Mauricio actually agree, people manage to finally close up shop. Brandi and Mauricio even have a moment where they almost make up, until Ken calls Mauricio a typical man. Ken hates to go against his buddy, but the thinks Mauricio was out of line. And suddenly the drama knows no gender boundaries. To the Polo Lounge for restorative cocktails everyone!