Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 3:'s Editor wonders when she can sing and what's in Kim's chicken salad.

on Nov 19, 2012

Hello my little sopranos! I hope you passed your drivers test and saved room for chicken salad, because we have a lot to discuss. Let’s start at the pre-prom party.

Prom Night
We start with Kim prepping Kimberly for the prom. Kim's very nervous because she didn't have a prom, so Kimberly's has to be perfect. She wants to make sure there's enough nuts in Kimberly's chicken salad. Truly, this was one of the sweetest moments we've had on Beverly Hills. There's poor Kim just wanting Kimberly to stay and hang out and drink some lemonade, while Kimberly, like any teenager in the free world, can't get out of the house fast enough. After she high-tails it out of there with her strapping beau, Kim's left looking out the window watching them jet off into the night. Aww. Call your mother. She probably did the same thing when you left for the prom. Tell her you're sorry you didn't eat more chicken salad. Make her a chicken salad and call her. I got so misty over Kim and that damn chicken salad. Maybe it's just me.

In other Richards daughters are growing up so fast news, Kyle's daughter Alexia is brushing up for her driver's test. Kyle is understandably very nervous, probably because she has PTSD from having a bee attack her in a convertible once. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, besides texting and driving, there's another great affliction affecting at least scores of teenagers on the road -- random bee attacks. Close your soft tops and avoid driving with open containers of honey.

Alexia manages to nail the parallel parking practice. . .which is good because she’s practicing in a Porsche.