Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 3:'s Editor wonders when she can sing and what's in Kim's chicken salad.

on Nov 19, 2012

This is The Dinner
Our newest lady Yolanda has decided to host a dinner party. Like any of us, she's starts the process by meeting with her butler to debate goat cheese cakes and asking Babyface or having cocktails overlooking her lemon grove. No big deal, just wander around the extensive grounds and have some apps and 'zerts. Sit by the outdoor fireplace and feel embraced by Yolanda.

And how does Yolanda achieve that level of embracing? By arranging enough splendid flowers to make Martha Stewart weep for beauty. Then she just trots out to the garden to pick the freshest, most perfectly pink petals, and take from her hundreds of lemons on reserve. Remember in the premiere when Brandi walked into Lisa's closet and just muttered "f--- you" out of jealousy? That's how I felt watching Yolanda pluck perfectly tended flowers and fruits. Just c'mon! How perfect is your life?!? I mean you did work under 100 guys to build it, but I'd deal with that if it was required to have that phenomenal house.

In the Dog House
Later, Lisa swings by Kyle’s to discuss the Adrienne situation -- and to feed her dog animal crackers. Lisa admits that she was slightly strategic in leaving Portia's party a little early, but only because she didn't want to have a row at the shindig. Lisa doesn't understand why Adrienne even wants to make up with her if she thinks she's so low. Lisa is willing to try to make up with Adrienne. . . but it's going to need to start with an apology. Here's hoping that's how Adrienne chooses to start their next convo.