Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 4:'s Editor ponders Adrienne's apology, sleeping arrangements, and Ojai.

on Nov 26, 2012

Thankfully our favorite friend Camille Grammer is along to loosen things up on the car ride by talking about Kelsey's privates. Ah it’s just like old times! Except now she has a new man's privates for comparison.

Everything at the resort is just divine. The scenery, the relaxing spa like vibe, the rooms with double twin beds. . .Ah yes, Miss Richards has one surprise. Some of the rooms are double occupancy, meaning the ladies will have to share, like plebes. Watching the faces of the women reacting was just priceless. Who likes bunking up really? Particularly when your bunkmate could be someone who you’ve once severely tiffed with. Or someone who snores. Quick, which RHOBH lady do you think snores? I'm too scared to say.

Finally Lisa and Brandi arrive, and after an awkward Euro-style kiss with Brandi, Kim gets right into it. Lisa and her newfound BFF are going to have to co-habitat. Frankly, I'd like Lisa and Brandi to be forced to sleep together in hotel rooms across America, going from dual occupancy motel to motel, showing off their jammers and shapewear and little mini frilly diapers for weeks on end.