Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 4:'s Editor ponders Adrienne's apology, sleeping arrangements, and Ojai.

on Nov 26, 2012

Once they're settled the universe conspires to get the women to dinner and then to have Kim and Brandi seated across from each other. Kim takes the universes prodding as a sign, and mentions starts dinner off with a toast that beseeches the ladies to just enjoy each other and get along as best they can. Perhaps inspired by that, Kyle is even nice to Brandi, and they spend a few moments talking about her ex in a way that seems like progress.

And then Brandi and Kim start chatting, based on Brandi complimenting Kim's kids. Kim seems genuinely touched by this bit of news and the ladies launch into a heart-to-heart. Both ladies have been to dark places and bond over that. Things are going well, until Adrienne calls out her tears. Brandi doesn't appreciate that invasion and snaps back at Ad with a "shut the f--- up." And to think we only got through the beet salad before the fighting began.

Next week, we'll see how that resolves and hopefully find out what planet these women are from that they can't have a nice dinner (Yolanda, we've wondered the same thing). What are your guesses? Mars? Venus? Melmac? More importantly, who would you have worn frilly diapers with in Ojai? Leave me your choice for bunk mate in the comments.