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Adrienne's Intimidation Tactics

Yolanda weighs in on the Brandi/Adrienne conflict.

Hello Bravo lovers,

Thank you so much for all your well wishes, it really means a lot to me. I am on Day 69 of my treatment for Lyme, still struggling through my days as the side effects of the medication are starting to be worse than the disease itself. But with that said, I can see the 90-day finish line and hopefully can start getting back to being the workhorse that I am. There is nothing harder for me than to sit at the sideline, not being able to be productive. I know it shouldn’t, but it’s making me feel like a loser.

I loved Kyle’s dance with the clothing rack, very funny and no one can deny how beautiful she is. She is a true Capricorn and I appreciate her style. I enjoyed getting to know Mauricio, but I just haven’t seen Kyle walk a straight line in her relationships with the women, so I am cautious and not sure I trust her with my heart at this point. But who knows, that may or may not change in the future.

In this blog, I have tried to be consistent in sharing my experiences of merging into this group and my observation of how it all unfolds. Again, as I repeat every week, a strong opinion always kind of sounds judgmental, but please know it always comes from a place of kindness. I am certainly not here to make or break anyone.

I have never taken sides from the day I walked into this intimidating group of women, I have only taken note of how they received me coming in and how they treat one another.

As I have spent the past five months in bed, I am naturally going to favor those who showed up at my house and jumped in bed with me for a cup of coffee…I am a girl’s girl, and I’m sensitive to little things like that. I guess the way Brandi was received in this group last year really affected her, so that’s probably why she made a great effort to reach out and get to know me.

I maybe wasn’t received with much love, but I did get respect, because I demand it. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in Beverly Hills, but I was born with a great deal of self-worth. Even though I have plenty of insecurities, no one in this group intimidates me.

Which leads me to Adrienne. Intimidation with status and financial power is to me the worst quality a rich person can have. I saw Adrienne do it to Brandi, actually she threatened her with an “Oh boy she is going to get slapped with a fat old lawsuit” for all of us to see… Then she denied it, so why would I not doubt her integrity?

Brandi came to the barn because she had so much anxiety and fear about the lawsuit; I truly felt in my heart that I needed to stand by her, support her, and make her see that Adrienne is no more or less then anyone else in this world.
I’m glad you got see another glimpse of my baby Bella and her great passion for her sport.

The fact that Faye, Kyle, and Camille kiss Adrienne’s ass and make her believe that it is OK to behave like that is concerning to me. I wonder if any of the three ladies have the true means to have a $700 an hour lawyer fight their battles with their girlfriends.

Lets keep it real here. The truth is that I couldn’t afford it, and I don’t believe any of them could either.

I grew up cleaning stalls and milking cows. I don’t have a college degree, but I did grow up on the streets (and that is not Rodeo Drive) of many different countries around the world and survived because god gave me the perseverance and great intuition that I used religiously.

So if you read my calm demeanor for arrogance, you are mistaken. I was raised in a culture that is maybe to a fault emotionally controlled, so I have learned to step back, assess the situation, and act on that. I love the American openness and use of language, I just don’t know how to be that way. To get back to the girls, Kyle and Lisa’s tension continues to dampen the room. I am so happy to see them finally communicate after I pushed them to have a heart to heart on our plane ride home from Vegas.


Like I said before, I saw a lot of pain and disappointment between them, but they are not ready to walk away from the relationship either, so hopefully we will see in the upcoming episodes that they can accept the different shape and form of their friendship even though they are not BFFs anymore.

I say forget what hurt you, but don’t forget what it taught you.

Anyway, at the end of the day, we’re so busy juggling life that we can only be a best friend to a handful. However, we can always have and enjoy the more acquaintance-like relationships.

It would be nice to see them kiss, make up, and move on because we’ve got a lot of living to do.Taylor is getting best dressed at the tea party; she looked stunning and I enjoyed watching her. By the way, that was an incredibly beautiful tea party. I have never seen anything like it… Wish I could have been there to eat all my favorite foods! (Well maybe not…)

We all know Lisa has impeccable taste, and Ken and Giggy are the icing on the cake making her look even better.

Knowing and feeling for Dean’s mother, I can only say I hope Marisa will never hear a woman speak about her own son the way she speaks of her husband. We all have our crosses to bear and even in my life behind the big house, ocean views, and lemon trees, life isn’t always as pristine and perfect as Marisa says it is in her blog post last week. But I do wash my dirty laundry in the laundry room where it belongs and protect those I love.

Anyway this is it for now. Thanks for visiting my blog, more to come next week…

Much love,