Brandi Glanville

Brandi reflects on Lisa and Kyle's competitiveness and explains why she doesn't show her vulnerable side.

on Jan 21

I don't like to show vulnerability because when I have in the past I have been let down. Basically I don't ask for help because I'm afraid no one will help me. I know that Lisa cares about me, but sometimes when she is constantly pointing out the things I've done wrong or the things she wants me to do her way I feel like its more so she can say I told you so and be right.

I though it was very sweet of Kyle to give me that card in the limo. We have slowly been wiring on our friendship. When Chica went missing, she called her daughters to go out that very night and help look for her. Kim, Kyle, and their families were also the first gals out of the group to come over and help me scower the neighborhood and put up signs for Chica, which I truly appreciated. I confided in Kyle a little about the situation with my dad and some other things and she was very sweet. She even let me drop the kids at her house a couple times when we had events and my babysitter canceled. To me that is a huge deal and I am starting to see Kyle in a different light. It's funny when Kyle and Lisa get together I feel like their is a bit of a competition for who is top dog of our group. There are a lot of strong personalities in our group, and no one is better then anyone so I don't quite get the competition. . .

(I learn to understand it but that comes later in the season.)