Carlton Gebbia

Carlton wanted to have fun in Palm Springs -- and couldn't believe the way Joyce reacted to Brandi's missing pup.

on Dec 16, 2013

She was in her moment when she knelt down and said a prayer of thanks, which happened to be next to a trashbin. As much as it may have seemed a little odd, sometimes you just have to react to the wave of emotion that sweeps over you. I think for people who have survived any addiction, you truly see the beauty around you again. And when you have a spiritual encounter no matter how small, you say thanks.

So there was a very loud, very angry, ginormous black bee who was obviously losing his marbles at getting man-handled! It's hard to calm down a mad provoked bee. I seriously don't even know what that was. So they call me, and yes, of course, I wanted to get it out, hopefully safely for all and I do mean all...but he wasn't having it. Finally I got him outside and for a split-second I thought he maybe on the attack as we made eye contact looking into his huge black eyes. I came in peace! He took off, and I ran like hell!

Second attempt at dinner was actually enjoyable and relaxed. I think we all had a fun day -- but that all came to a screeching halt when Brandi got an awful text from her assistant. Apparently her house was broken into and one of her sons' little dogs Chica was missing! To see her devastation at being hours from home, I felt helpless for her. It was terrible to see her pain and the reality of how her sons would cope was truly heartbreaking.