Carlton Gebbia

Carlton didn't mean to appear insensitive to Kim's sobriety plight, or to get involved with Joyce's manic behavior.

on Jan 13

Yes, so this week's episode is definitely not my finest hour.

However I sincerely apologize if I appear insensitive to Kim's plight or to anyone else for that matter who suffers the same devastating addiction and battle. It certainly was not my intention to be disrespectful. I've already spoken and apologized to Kim.

When I signed on to do this reality journey, I made a decision that it was all or nothing -- the good the bad and the ugly. How can I show the honest story of who I am without honestly exposing who I am? Yes I've had a few messy moments that make my toes curl, but I own it and truly apologize when necessary. Who hasn't? Unfortunately mine was on camera! This is my truth, my reality. I'm not perfect, nor am I trying to be. If I start manipulating my behavior and start becoming rehearsed then it's just another one of them doing a bad acting job. It's fake. I don't manufacturer anything about who I am, what you see is all of me -- unedited so to speak.

Inebriated and attempting pole dancing with a group of girlfriends. . .Yep watching that was a little uncomfortable but c'est la vie.