Carlton Gebbia

Carlton didn't mean to appear insensitive to Kim's sobriety plight, or to get involved with Joyce's manic behavior.

on Jan 13

My beautiful girlfriend Tara Strong invited Brandi and I to Luscious Maven to attempt pole dancing, which prove, to be challenging. I met my other stunning friend Nicky Whelan there too. When it comes to alcohol, I am truly a light weight, which I must say I have tried unsuccessfully to prove myself wrong! But I am a fun drunk as my friends say.

I definitely wasn't glamorous in any shape or form -- but I had a good time. I'm not sure I learned anything though. Tara brings out the wicked in me. She talks to me in one of her many character voices, Timmy Turner for example, and constantly makes me giggle!

Definitely the motion set Brandi off and by the time we got to Kim's house. She wasn't feeling great. Thank god Kim had a burger truck, eating that juicy burger definitely helped me -- but Brandi still wasn't sure. We figured we would try and feel better before we walked into the house. So for anyone who finds this sooooo confusing there it is. Hopefully that may have cleared up this huge burger dilemma.

The place looked beautiful with its Hawaiian feel, which I loved. Watching Kim with her children was heart-warming. She really does have a wonderful bond with her children, who are beautiful on the inside and so sweet. The love between them is obvious and palpable.

Yes I saw Joyce and yes I honestly thought she was going to perform. It would not have surprised me if there had been a spotlight in her headdress. It's apparent we don't particularly care for one another, but we still said hello to each other. It's not that dire.