Carlton Gebbia

Carlton didn't mean to appear insensitive to Kim's sobriety plight, or to get involved with Joyce's manic behavior.

on Jan 13

So up at the bar, I did ask for a drink. Before you condemn me, please understand I do have friends who are sober who hosts parties where they do serve alcohol -- and as far as I understand it from Kim herself, she's OK to be around it, as all of us have had a drink around her.

Joyce saying "This is not the place to go for fishing for booze" -- really there's such a thing? I've not heard that one before. So the beer behind the bar that the bartender offered is not considered alcohol? Wow, your wisdom is uncanny.

Brandi eventually was sick. I was comforting the wrong door and we decided to leave.

I had gotten an invite from Lisa for a wonderful cause to donate some dresses for foster girls' going to their prom. As I walked into Lisa's house all I heard was shouting. . .Oh joy here we go again. It seemed to diminish, and at one point Lisa, Brandi, and myself are sitting together on the couch and over on the other side by the clothes is Joyce, Kyle, and Kim. Then I hear Joyce say loudly, "She's is an alcoholic," certainly loud enough for us to hear across the pool. I walked over to Joyce not to "defend" but just to try and get an understanding of where her head is at and why the constant barrage of irresponsible labels.

Then all of a sudden she's off and running. I am back in the Twilight Zone. Her mouth is going a million miles an hour and any kind of noise coming out just sounds like one continuous, inaudible buzz. All I can focus on is her mouth moving at a rapid rate like one of those tightly wound-up sets of chattering teeth. It's very hard to reason with a person when they don't come up for air and you can't get a word in edgewise. It's a little manic, and I don't do crazy.

So again the end of another week. Hope yours is magical and healthily.