Carlton Gebbia

Carlton shares the deets on her harmless kiss with Brandi and wonders why Kyle won't let the Mauricio rumors die already.

on Dec 2, 2013

About four months ago my daughter's cat Midnight (who to say the least is a bit of a wild one) fell about 18 feet from one of our interior balcony railings. I rushed him to a veterinarian where they x-rayed him, and found no broken bones or internal injuries. They also did blood tests and pretty much said he was fine, just very bruised, and gave medication for his pain. This bloody scenario of going back-and-forth to the vet went on for another four weeks! More x-rays and more meds, but he made no improvement or showed any signs of getting better. He just looked worse. . .he was now walking or stalking as if his shoulder blades had separated, he had no neck, and looked like the bloody American Werewolf in London!

I felt completely helpless as I watched my daughters saying their prayers and putting little crystals in his bed. It was heart wrenching to say the least. A year before our two oldest cats had passed away, and I think they were afraid that Midnight might not recover either. I reached out to one of my BFFs Colet who suggested acupuncture and gave me her vets name. She swore by her saying she had saved her own dog. At this point I was open to anything.

I can't believe it didn't dawn on me either. Acupuncture is something I very much believe in and have had my own successful experience. Let's face it, it's been around since the 1300s. Why wouldn't it work on animals too? I went there with Midnight and Dr. Gray proceeded to give him laser treatment and acupuncture. I have to admit even those little needles made me feel a bit queasy. There literally was a moment when I saw the release of pain from Midnight's dark little sunken eyes, and immediately I knew he was going to be OK. I honestly had feared for the worst, but the relief I felt was incredible.

Now can I only smile about it, but during that first visit Midnight was not a happy pussycat! I'm sure he felt like a feline effigy and wanted to bite my face off in his own special "Hellraiser" mask. But then his furry little feline body suddenly relaxed and all the tension seemed to dissipate.