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Carlton: Brandi and I Didn't Elope

Carlton shares the deets on her harmless kiss with Brandi and wonders why Kyle won't let the Mauricio rumors die already.

About four months ago my daughter's cat Midnight (who to say the least is a bit of a wild one) fell about 18 feet from one of our interior balcony railings. I rushed him to a veterinarian where they x-rayed him, and found no broken bones or internal injuries. They also did blood tests and pretty much said he was fine, just very bruised, and gave medication for his pain. This bloody scenario of going back-and-forth to the vet went on for another four weeks! More x-rays and more meds, but he made no improvement or showed any signs of getting better. He just looked worse. . .he was now walking or stalking as if his shoulder blades had separated, he had no neck, and looked like the bloody American Werewolf in London!

I felt completely helpless as I watched my daughters saying their prayers and putting little crystals in his bed. It was heart wrenching to say the least. A year before our two oldest cats had passed away, and I think they were afraid that Midnight might not recover either. I reached out to one of my BFFs Colet who suggested acupuncture and gave me her vets name. She swore by her saying she had saved her own dog. At this point I was open to anything.

I can't believe it didn't dawn on me either. Acupuncture is something I very much believe in and have had my own successful experience. Let's face it, it's been around since the 1300s. Why wouldn't it work on animals too? I went there with Midnight and Dr. Gray proceeded to give him laser treatment and acupuncture. I have to admit even those little needles made me feel a bit queasy. There literally was a moment when I saw the release of pain from Midnight's dark little sunken eyes, and immediately I knew he was going to be OK. I honestly had feared for the worst, but the relief I felt was incredible.

Now can I only smile about it, but during that first visit Midnight was not a happy pussycat! I'm sure he felt like a feline effigy and wanted to bite my face off in his own special "Hellraiser" mask. But then his furry little feline body suddenly relaxed and all the tension seemed to dissipate.

I am thrilled to say after about eight sessions of both, our Midnight is miraculously brand spanking new and all because of the incredible healings of Dr. Gray and Candice. Oh and I haven't seen him on a railing since. . .However his brother Griffin continues to give me bloody heart palpitations!!!

Well I'm trying not to be insensitive here as this is a very touchy and emotional subject. But I am soooo over hearing about "The Scandal."

My experence has been if you want to move on from a negative situation, then one should stop shinning a bloody spotlight on it. Just stop talking about it. At this point you have flogged it to death. Stop adding fuel to an almost out fire. So the tabloids lied and said her husband cheated with a woman. Well a president really "did" get a bloody blow job and we have moved on as a nation.

Seriously the only thing of true value here is that they seem to have a really great marriage and obviously beautiful children -- and that is the only support they should need.

Also having the opportunity to watch Kim with her daughter getting ready and during her graduating was really touching, especially the reminiscing of when she was a little girl. I can't believe how quickly time moves and suddenly our babes are grown, but it looks like she has a handle on it and a quiet strength about her. I don't know Kim very well so far, but my own personal experience with her has been a fun and positive one.

I was really thrilled because I received a wonderful invitation from Yolanda to attend a true hollywood ceremony. Her husband David Foster was receiving his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and what a privilege for me. Everyone who has made a significant difference in the entertainment industry is immortalized with a shinning star laid upon the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It's almost surreal. David's accomplishments alone are extraordinary. He truly is a genius. But what's even more surprisingly rare is that he's a very cool and accessible man.

This was my second such honor as our son's sexy godmother Perla and Slash invited us to his ceremony last year. Slash is a true rock legend. . .I'm allowed to brag. I f---ing love them! Different ends of the spectrum, but both undisputedly brilliant at what they've done and continue to accomplish -- and to witness something like that is an honor for me.

After the ceremony we had lunch where we sat with Yolanda's family. I had a great conversation with her brother Leo. What a sweet man with a great sense of humor! And I met her children for the first time Bella, Gigi and Anwar. . .Oh my god incredible souls and why am I not surprised!

And moving right along to a nice little eye opener for me. Oh fantastic! Yes watching Brandi tell Lisa that we made out was a little surprising -- and maybe if I had known her better I might not have been shocked. But like she said, it was just a kiss, no torrid affair. We didn't elope. I make no apologies for having kissed girlfriends. It's bloody harmless.

Next week's episode though should be bloody fun seeing my expression of joyous shock in the pool! Oh yay!

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

I really enjoyed seeing Lisa R at home with her girls. You gotta love teenagers, right? I totally related to her situation with her parents. My mom is 92 and was my best friend my entire life. It's been so hard to not have her as my parent anymore. I have become hers, as dementia has slowly crept into her mind. I never feel like I see her enough. Vincent and I would have her come live with us but our family decided the move away from her home 3 hours away would probably kill her. Thank God my brother is living with her. It helps to know that he's there but I still feel guilty and sad not to be able to see her more. It was nice to meet Lisa R's sister and parents. What an amazing artist her father was! I had no idea.

Yolanda is so down to earth and lovely. The real thing. I liked her immediately.

At Lisa V's, her swan attacked Ken. Hmmmmmmmm. I've been attacked by a swan before. I've got my eye on them! and their "feather diapered bottoms"! Hahaha.

It was so great to finally meet all the girls and their husbands. They are very interesting and dynamic people, right out of the gate. Kyle's home is beautiful and very warm and welcoming. I could tell that there was a lot of tension and lots of unresolved stuff going on. It was somewhat confusing because I didn't know all the backstory. Still, Vincent and I had fun sharing stories about "the business" with Kim, etc. And it was a great opportunity to have gotten to know the women better. Well, Brandi a little better than the others! LOL. I thought she was funny and definitely likes to lay it on the table. So to speak.

Merry Christmas and Joyous Holidays to you all!.