Carlton Gebbia

Carlton believes Brandi had no right to say what she did about their makeout and shares how she prepped for the big day.

on Mar 17

A long exhausting and depleting 13 hour day. Of course, I had no idea what to expect about this reunion, but I will tell you I went to my magical store, Objets d Art, got my candles, tucked my crystals hematite into my bra and held onto my crystal black tourmaline. I was set for battle. I arrived with no bloody makeup, just great music to set my calm. I was peaceful.

Let's face it, I think I have said all I have had to say this whole bloody season. Nothing held back. I really don't want to repeat it again. Honestly I have no regrets. I've said everything that was on my mind. Made it abundantly clear who I like and who are trolls that belong under a bridge. I wished deep in my heart that you had truly gotten an enlightened view about my faith and beliefs, without the dumb background music. Introduced you properly to my incredible husband and family on the level that I deal with everyday, my beautiful and talented girlfriends who I love and only want the very f---ing best for, and my gorgeous nanny who I trust the lives with all of our three children.

Brandi, let's be clear, you honestly still didn't have the right to say what you said. It was my choice not yours. We have a great relationship, and I consider you a lovely friend -- but it wasn't OK. That's all. And I am still not having an affair with my nanny although she is beautiful and has a mind of her own. . .