Carlton Gebbia

Carlton believes Brandi had no right to say what she did about their makeout and shares how she prepped for the big day.

on Mar 17

Joyce with her reckless use of labels is always trying to sell out anyone who's willing to listen. It had become crystal clear wherever Joyce sees an opportunity is where she will make an A-line for, so she can lie and sellout others.

So quite frankly there is nothing formidable about her. She started drama from the get go. And I seriously doubt that Joyce has ever made more money than Brandi, as she was a real model. . I find it very hard to believe that she actually writes her own blogs. Judging by how Michael is sooooo involved in his little Twitter world about us the Housewives (sadly not including him). Now let's be honest, with all due respect he seriously may be up for the newest Housewife of Beverly Hills. If so I am royally f---ed! These two actually see themselves as the new Lisa and Ken (without the substance). So entertaining to watch though.

And onto the next. . .
Blessed night angels.