Carlton Gebbia

Carlton reflects on Kyle's argument, Nipple-Gate and if she thinks Mrs. Mauricio-Umanksy is a good person.

on Feb 5

For me it says a lot about the character of a person who can say such a hateful thing without conscience. A total BASELESS defamatory accusation. This heinous word resonates with people that understand (and some still alive today remember it) and brings to mindthe atrocities and pain and evil linked with it.  And she throws it around like its a word of the day, obviously having no respect for her adopted faith!  She just tried to condemn me to millions of persecuted people and their religious convictions! A word filled with insurmountable pain and hatred that can be so flippantly thrown out with no consequence. As my friends would say: "Tit ba yeshee lach!" "Shame on you!"

On a wonderful and positive note my gorgeous husband David was elected onto the Board of Directors of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. So proud of him, what an honor! We've been here 20 successful years, guess we won't be packing our bags anytime soon.

Welcome next week into my husband's real world. . .