Carlton Gebbia

Carlton wonders why Kyle speaks about her religion  differently than others and dissects Brandi's use of the "c word."

on Nov 18, 2013

Hello! OK before I start I'm going to get a little deep here. . .Like a lot of people out there I didn't experience the most positive childhood. There were definite times of darkness surrounding me, and I dealt with mine the way I knew how. But that was a long time ago, and that, part although dark, is sacred to me. What I believe and practice now is only Light. I honestly believe that if you can survive darkness of any kind and still emerge pure of heart, then there is truly no one who can bring you down. Only you yourself have the power to do that because whatever is thrown at you pales in comparison to what you've already survived. You will still have those scars, but unconditional love of oneself and self-forgiveness are our spiritual healers.

Alright then moving on. . .I invited all of the girls over for lunch thinking it was a great way to get to know them. It was at least a relaxed environment, not a stiff business setting. And, yes even with Kyle, I thought let's give this another shot. We'd be siting inside with no signs of bees, that was a good start in my book.

Elizy, my bfff and nanny to my son, was going to help me setup -- but with her and I, not much would get accomplished. She truly brings out the naughtiness and silliness in me. She says the most inappropriate things, and I love her. Carmina, a wonderful lady, would take care of my son, and my hubby would pick up our girls from school. I also had some of my girlfriends helping me out, which would be fun. They're incredible and there is nothing more beautiful than a secure, smart girl who embraces other women and isn't bloody insecure or jealous. When you have girlfriends, it is about empowering each other and wanting the best for them. For me, the beauty of a person is of course relative, and what I find beautiful, someone may not. But it has to start from within. I love me a good soul!

Yolanda arrived first gliding in like the stunning model she is. We had a good amount of time to chat and giggle before everyone got there. She looked f---ing stunning! I really connected with Yolanda the first time we met at the BHCC cocktail party. She completely went out of her way to make me feel welcomed there. First impressions always resonate with me -- it's something I always pay heed to. We sat at the bar for awhile and spoke about our children, of course, and how edible babies are. I'm sure there a few out there that may think I eat my young! I promise I don't. . .at least not lately! She has a wicked sense of humor and is quite spiritual, which was also a pleasant surprise. Initially I wasn't familiar with Lyme Disease, but what this woman has been through and endures daily truly shows her warrior spirit. It's inspiring.