Carlton Gebbia

No matter how hard Carlton tries she can't like Kyle or understand Joyce's need to bring high school into things.

on Dec 9, 2013

When I write my blogs they are emotionally accurate and relevant to how I felt at that specific time for the episode airing that week.

I received an invite from Kyle to meet, which I thought would be a perfect one-on-one opportunity to clear the air between us since we were going to be trapped in Palm Springs with one another. Maybe we could just put this BS behind us, Yeah. . .no. Best laid plans and all that!

My intention was to be completely upfront and honest with her, letting her know the issues I've had and hopefully we could move foreword from this point. To clear the air so to speak, like big girls do. Unfortunately when you deal with a personality such as this one, it's a losing battle. On one hand she's agreeing with me and saying she's glad I told her about my issues. Kyle said that she wished the other girls had done this -- as maybe there wouldn't be so many problems. And just as I think this really uncomfortable and awkward meeting may work out positively -- then right in mid-sentence again, she turns on her heels or flats and walks away! Brilliant. Oh Kylie, you say "t--s on an ant," I say you're a rude t---ed ant.

Oh and the "So overwhelmed that day, had no help, didn't have a babysitter" that's f----ing hysterical. . .Hello food delivery for four, saw no child, and we set up your table! Nope just rude. At some point you just have to say "F--- it, I give up." She just can't help herself, she's passive aggressive, prejudiced, and still offensive, no matter how hard I've tried to like her. . .Oh well No Team Kyle for me, packing away me pom poms.

I did have a really fun trip driving down with Lisa to Palm Springs she's extremely witty and interesting. Yolanda and Brandi called us tying to think of a nickname for me as Lisa's was Pinky. Yolanda came up with "Blackie," which I immediately loved! My husband's Sicilian Grandfather Salvatore's nickname was "Blackie." He passed away, but had a full head of black hair. A gorgeous and amazing man who I loved, so it was a wonderful term of endearment for me!