Carlton Gebbia

No matter how hard Carlton tries she can't like Kyle or understand Joyce's need to bring high school into things.

on Dec 9, 2013

The idea of having this trip for all was a gamble to say the least and going to Palm Springs in the middle of June's 120 degrees heet, trapped in an isolated colony in the middle of the desert and the worst part. . .no bloody room service! This has all the ingredients for a horror story, not my way of traveling. I'm spoiled. I make no apologies for it, and we all have money right? There is a strong possibility we may be missing one or two upon our arrival home.

I must say the Colony was beautiful with wonderful architectural elements, maybe under a different setting.

Oh and yes the kiss -- rather yummy, but oh please, moving on.

But then Brandi makes the fatal mistake of calling Joyce "Jacqueline." OMG! Suddenly Joyce gets stuck in this obsessed repeat mode of her name, saying it over and over again, "Joyce, Joyce, Joyce" as if it may sound different if she keeps repeating it in this strange robotic-like state. I couldn't help but hold my breath in sheer anticipation, until she suddenly snapped out of it. Thank f---ing god! She is human.