Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce thinks her Spanglish complicated the "hair incident" but blames Brandi for stirring the pot with Lisa.

on Nov 25, 2013

Even though Kim repeats herself all the time (I do the same LOL), at the time I did think Yolanda made her feel bad by interrupting her little speech.

Some of our exercises at the circus were quite hard. I've always loved circus performers, but now I have a whole newfound respect for them. We had a lot of fun, and I'm thankful to Kim for that.

After the Circus we all went to the beautiful Rooftop at The Thompson Hotel. I was starving after our circus training.

When Kyle, Brandi, and Lisa were finished with their conversation -- in which I didn't voice an opinion because I think that was their personal drama and I wasn't filled in on what was "happening" -- I asked Lisa if we could speak "privately" because, as I said in the episode, not everything has to be a group thing. I believe that if you have something to say about someone, you should tell them to their face, not gossip and talk to everyone about it except the person in question.

I know that everything seems like it came out of nowhere, so I will give you all the "in" on what happened before the rooftop.

After Carlton's lunch at her house, Brandi called me on my cell. After a bit of very nice small talk, she told me she thought Lisa had been very rude to me at Carlton's during the house tour as Lisa was dismissive of me as I tried to fix her hair. Brandi then said that even though she "loved" her, Lisa was the type of person that can give criticism but can’t take it and that I should beware of this. At the time, I didn't know what to think of her call; was she genuinely calling to "check on me" or was she trying to stir the pot and make me dislike Lisa? I was more inclined towards the latter, given that on that exact same day I saw her act poorly towards both Kyle and Lisa, I felt that she was just trying to stir things up.