Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce explains what she thinks happened with Carlton's curse and what she really thinks of her Wiccan ways.

on Jan 27

She basically threatens to "put a spell" saying: "Go home tonight and watch what happens." I believe in life we create our own happiness; and the only bad energies that enter your world are the things you allow to come in. As I don't believe in any of Carlton's negativity, it doesn't affect me.

What was shocking was to see Brandi crossing fingers hoping the hex would work. Brandi. . .watch it! What you wish for others comes back to you double.

My husband believes in energy and in surrounding yourself with positive people.
That night we went to dinner and I told him what Carlton said to me. He told me that even though I didn't believe in any of it he hated the fact that she was threatening to put a spell on me. Then he got really sick.

Personally I think maybe he was going to get sick anyhow and the power of suggestion is such a strong thing that he allowed his thoughts to believe it was the hex.

We have a wonderful friend who is a Rabbi. I just love him and his wife. The next day they came right away and blessed our home against any negativity.

As you saw in the preview, in next week's episode I confront Carlton about her threats.

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