Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce can't believe Brandi's bullying or Yolanda's bad behavior in Palm Springs.

on Dec 9, 2013

Thank God I had a nice and sane girl next to me that defended me. This was the moment when I really thought Kyle was a good friend to me because that's what friends do; they stand up for you and have your back when everyone else is trying to push you down, which is exactly why I tried to interfere when Brandi and Yolanda were ganging up on her. Kyle was almost crying, and Yolanda would NOT let go! Come on! If you are a "girl's girl," learn to agree to disagree. You DON'T need to beat someone until you make her cry! And FYI, it is BAD ETIQUETTE to tell your host to shut up.

My only intention was to bring everybody together and for all of them to have a great, fun time without any exclusions. Whenever I invite somebody I make sure they are taken care of, and I will not attack them or bring them down because THAT would be being a bad host. On the flip side, the only thing I would like to expect is that you don’t come to a beautiful weekend with a clear mission to create a fight; after all, nobody forced anyone to accept the invitation.
The right thing to do would've been to politely decline the invite versus ruining a few days of rest from our busy lives.

I don't want you all to lose hope and think that it's all negative. I still tried to make it work for the remainder of our trip. I know a lot of people might think I give too many passes and maybe too often give others "the benefit of the doubt," but that's just me.

Thanks for supporting the show and thank you for all your love!