Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce shares her first (in person) impressions of the 'Wives and explains how she feels about Carlton's kids' names.

on Nov 4, 2013

Hi lovers. I'm excited for this season and to meet all of you! This has been a crazy roller coaster. There were ups and downs, but overall it was a fantastic experience and I'm proud to represent my fellow Latinos in Beverly Hills.

Regarding my tag line: Frankly I'm not a big fan of the Beverly Hills attitude. . .In Beverly Hills they say you can never be too young, too thin, or too rich. I think it's sadly superficial, but at least I wanted to add for our Beverly Hills girls that honesty is the most important and I'm not a $100 bill for everyone to like -- but at least I stayed true to myself.

I've experienced the world of pageants, the world of modeling and now the world of Beverly Hills... These worlds are judgmental, often trivial and sadly reduce people to their appearances.

My true mantra, the line I wanted and the line that perfectly represents how I've always felt is: Beauty is only skin deep, it's whats in your heart that matters.

Since this is the first time we all meet, I want you all to know that I'm not just a "pageant girl." I know they say once a pageant girl always a pageant girl. Pageants were an amazing platform that gave a little girl like me from the mountains of my beautiful Puerto Rico a chance to travel, explore the world, meet amazing people, work for great charities and be a voice to empower women wherever I went. For all those things I am grateful. Especially because one of the biggest honors in my life has been to be able to represent my gorgeous island.

But I must be very clear in one thing. . .Being a pageant girl is not who I am or what defines me.

I WAS proudly a pageant girl some 15 years ago. I AM an actress, a producer, a philanthropist, a wife, and above all a mommy to my beautiful babies, Leonardo and Valentino.

Because of my "history" with pageants I created an international charity based pageant that benefits UNESCO called Queen of the Universe (

I wanted to give young ladies the opportunity to have a platform like I did, regardless if they are single, married, divorced, or have children. I always wondered why was it that if a girl had a baby at a young age she was no longer "qualified" to be a queen when a baby is the biggest blessing in the world. In my pageant we don't judge our girls based on the fact that they are married or their gender choices. . .