Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce now understands why Lisa and Ken were so upset at dinner -- and why they decided to leave the trip and the drama behind.

on Mar 3

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Both my husband and I felt horrible when we watched this week's episode because we didn't know Lisa and Ken had already given an answer on the beach regarding Brandi's accusations about the tabloids. Back then, I thought Lisa should at least give an answer. Personally I've always thought it's best to address problems instead of walking away. This is something I spoke about with Lisa when we got back to LA.

Now that I've seen the episode, now that I know exactly what transpired at the beach, and now that I've seen the ganging up; I can fully understand why Lisa and Ken didn't want to address the same conversation all over again at dinner -- and why they decided to leave. If I was in their position, I probably would have left also. I called Lisa and Ken to make sure they were OK after the dinner fiasco, but it wasn't until later when we were all back in LA that I was fully able to understand everything that happened.