Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce finally hit her breaking point with Brandi's bad behavior and the many excuses that "Dream Team" makes for it.

on Dec 30, 2013

As for Brandi saying I ignored her when I arrived: I am not exactly sure how she could even expect any more than my polite "Hello, how are you?" I didn't kiss her, because I was not going to give her a hypocritical kiss. I can be polite, but I will not be a fake -- like she's proven to be. She might be used to that, but if someone is rude and evil to me I will not kiss them.

Watching Brandi say yet again that Joyce is an "older person" and that's why I should be Jaqueline proves this girl isn't sorry about anything.

So before we even get to the table to bring us together, Brandi throws out to the bartender "Fill this up before I kill a Puerto Rican." Luckily for her, she made sure I couldn't hear this at the time, but it pretty much sums up her character. This is two for two for her, and yet another remark I cannot accept.

Brandi, you are fighting so hard on social media and every other outlet not to be called certain character traits that I associate with you, but why don't you let your actions shine instead? Use these holidays to do some charity and help some people, perhaps even the very minorities you like to drag down. Then we can believe you are the better person you claim to be on social media instead of the person we see in the flesh and on TV.

The Spanish bothers you, my name bothers you, my love and affection for my husband bothers you. . .If there is anyone in a "competition" it is definitely you! Brandi saying I have to "one up everyone" is ridiculous! She's the one that has constantly attacked me for no reason. Her only reason is that I didn't let her talk crap about her "BFF" Lisa and called her out on it.

When we sat at the dinner table, Lisa and I were having a great conversation about her book. I told her I bought it, and I bought all the girls' (Brandi and Kyle) just to be supportive, but that I didn't have the time to read them all yet. Brandi said that it was very sweet of me to do that. She told us about her friend's movie she bought to support but hadn't watched, so she sympathized with what I was saying. Finally, this was going in the right direction and I thought perhaps we could have a fresh start and a clean slate. Everyone was having a good time and nice conversation when out of the blue she interrupts and says: "Joyce, you and I have lots of friends in common." I responded nicely that we had one friend in common. Then she mentioned her friend Janelle (an acquaintance I like a lot and had good times with the few times I've seen her). At first, Brandi couldn't remember the other friend we have in common's name, but finally recalled Chrystelle. Yes, Chrystelle is a friend and I love her. So I agreed we have two friends in common. I still thought this would go in a positive direction, and perhaps we found a common denominator. Then Brandi proceeds to say "They don't speak well of you."