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Joyce Tells Brandi and Yolanda to Dream On

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Let Them Eat Cake!

Kyle: I Couldn't Do Anything Right in Kim's Eyes

Lisa V.: Everything Is About to Boil Over

Brandi: Someone Poked the Wrong Bear

Eileen: Kim’s Emotions Are Already Running High

Lisa R.: Kim Tends to Forget Key Events

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Caught In The Crossfires

Lisa V.: I'm Not Afraid of Kim

Eileen: Kim Has Exhibited Disturbing Behavior

Lisa R.: Why Do You Want People to Fight Over You?

Kim: I Shouldn't Have to Defend My Actions

Brandi: Having Fun for A Change

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Shock and Suprise

Kim: Brandi And Kyle's Feud Has Nothing To Do With Me

Brandi: Addiction Is Not a Negative Label or Insult

Kyle: Brandi Pulls Out Her Dagger to Deflect

Lisa V.: At What Point Is It Enough?

Eileen: Is There Any Line Brandi Won't Cross?

Lisa R: Let's Call a Spade a Spade

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Battle Between Sisters

Brandi: I'm a Ride or Die Friend

Lisa R.: Everyone Needs to Own Their Sh--

Kyle: Brandi Puts Out Lies, Hoping They Will Stick

Eileen: Brandi Is Acting Like a Mafia Enforcer

Lisa V.: Brandi's Behavior Was Unnerving to Watch

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: A Clash and an F-Bomb

Brandi: Lisa R. Should Be Disappointed in Herself

Kim: Don't Mistake My Sadness for Weakness

Kyle: I Have Never Had Anyone Put a Hand on Me

Lisa V.: I Tried to Warn Kyle

Eileen: Brandi Attacks, Then Deflects

Lisa R.: Kyle Didn't Create This Drama

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: More Fighting and a Peeping Tom

Kim: Kyle Should Be Worried, Not Embarrassed

Brandi: Kyle Wants to Help When There's an Audience

Kyle: This Was Brandi's Master Plan

Lisa R.: It Felt Just As Awkward As It Looked

Lisa V.: Kim's Demeanor Was Questionable

Eileen: Brandi Loves to Stir the Pot

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Disgust and a Push

Joyce Tells Brandi and Yolanda to Dream On

Joyce finally hit her breaking point with Brandi's bad behavior and the many excuses that "Dream Team" makes for it.

Hola mis amores! I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas with your families and loved ones. I was nursing a little cold, but still had an amazing time with family. Someone wrote me on Twitter asking me to remember our troops so I want to ask all of you to pray for our women and men in uniform and for all those out there who cannot be with their families for the holidays. God bless you all my sweet cyber friends! Thank you so much for all the love you send me and please write your comments as I love reading them. xoxo

This week was certainly interesting. . .As you saw, I finally had enough and I am not allowing Brandi to step all over me. Being classy doesn't mean taking someone's abuse over and over. I did give her the benefit of the doubt (too many times), but there came a moment when enough was enough.

At the beginning of the episode I still can't stop laughing about Carlton's magical double standards. She made it very public that she thinks it's creepy that I call my husband "baby" (all the while when she calls Yolanda "baby" and Yolanda calls David "Babydoll").

How do you really get so worked up about my silly nickname for my husband, while I now have to watch you week after week with your sex toys, explaining how you ball gag your husband, and talking about your playroom and your nanny-threesome innuendos? Do whatever you please behind the privacy of your walls, but get your creepmeter in check before you attack me for a nickname.

I am glad you could all hear directly from Brandi's mouth what my husband and I were talking about in the limo -- she gets depressed being around happy and romantic couples! It's sad to hear her say that, but just because she isn't happy doesn't mean she needs to drag everyone around her down to her level of misery. Brandi, there is a quote from Rumi that is perfect for you: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you've built against it."

When we arrived at Kyle's store, Brandi never said hello until other people arrived. Her friend Jennifer was very sweet and started speaking Spanish to me and I responded in Spanish back to her. I don't understand why Brandi literally nitpicks every single thing I do or say. As I said in the episode: She should learn a bit from her beautiful friends.

While we were at Kyle's fitting, all the dresses were sample sizes (4) so they were too big on both Brandi and myself. Fortunately Kyle ordered some small sizes for the fashion show.

Finally you can see where my "tagline" came from: "In Beverly Hills, they say you can never be too young, too thin, or too rich." Trust me if I could, I would love to take that line back! I am more than aware how superficial this quote is, but it is used more as a running gag in Beverly Hills than taken seriously. At a famous Beverly Hills department store you can actually buy the pillow with that silly slogan. And for the record, I DO believe you can be too young as I am a mother and have two babies. I do believe you can be too thin, as I am the living example of someone who was bullied for being too thin. I added the "too honest" bit because what I DO believe is you can NEVER be too HONEST.

I was hesitant to go to dinner with "the dream team" but Lisa texted me to tell me she had invited some acquaintances and friends in common (Martin and Mohamed) and she wanted to try to start with a clean slate and for everybody to get along. I agreed, as I thought it was a great idea, and I wanted to leave behind all the negativity that had been thrown my way by them. I was told that Brandi was informed that this dinner was for her to make amends.

I wasn't late. . .I arrived exactly at the time I was told. So please Yolanda, save any etiquette lessons (especially after your last dinner).

As for Brandi saying I ignored her when I arrived: I am not exactly sure how she could even expect any more than my polite "Hello, how are you?" I didn't kiss her, because I was not going to give her a hypocritical kiss. I can be polite, but I will not be a fake -- like she's proven to be. She might be used to that, but if someone is rude and evil to me I will not kiss them.

Watching Brandi say yet again that Joyce is an "older person" and that's why I should be Jaqueline proves this girl isn't sorry about anything.

So before we even get to the table to bring us together, Brandi throws out to the bartender "Fill this up before I kill a Puerto Rican." Luckily for her, she made sure I couldn't hear this at the time, but it pretty much sums up her character. This is two for two for her, and yet another remark I cannot accept.

Brandi, you are fighting so hard on social media and every other outlet not to be called certain character traits that I associate with you, but why don't you let your actions shine instead? Use these holidays to do some charity and help some people, perhaps even the very minorities you like to drag down. Then we can believe you are the better person you claim to be on social media instead of the person we see in the flesh and on TV.

The Spanish bothers you, my name bothers you, my love and affection for my husband bothers you. . .If there is anyone in a "competition" it is definitely you! Brandi saying I have to "one up everyone" is ridiculous! She's the one that has constantly attacked me for no reason. Her only reason is that I didn't let her talk crap about her "BFF" Lisa and called her out on it.

When we sat at the dinner table, Lisa and I were having a great conversation about her book. I told her I bought it, and I bought all the girls' (Brandi and Kyle) just to be supportive, but that I didn't have the time to read them all yet. Brandi said that it was very sweet of me to do that. She told us about her friend's movie she bought to support but hadn't watched, so she sympathized with what I was saying. Finally, this was going in the right direction and I thought perhaps we could have a fresh start and a clean slate. Everyone was having a good time and nice conversation when out of the blue she interrupts and says: "Joyce, you and I have lots of friends in common." I responded nicely that we had one friend in common. Then she mentioned her friend Janelle (an acquaintance I like a lot and had good times with the few times I've seen her). At first, Brandi couldn't remember the other friend we have in common's name, but finally recalled Chrystelle. Yes, Chrystelle is a friend and I love her. So I agreed we have two friends in common. I still thought this would go in a positive direction, and perhaps we found a common denominator. Then Brandi proceeds to say "They don't speak well of you."

I am not a $100 bill for everyone to like. I hope Janelle and Chrystelle are not hypocrites like Brandi. I have since then spoken to Chrystelle and she told me she has seen Brandi only twice in her life and has never spoken to her about me. I believe it's just another thing Brandi has created to yet again attack me.

But let's assume that even if her friend Janelle (or whomever else Brandi has met) had spoken bad about me, this was meant to be a dinner to have a fresh start. Why would Brandi be on the attack yet again and bring this up? Then she calls me stupid! Thats the moment where I FINALLY HAD IT WITH BRANDI! I've taken her abuse, her insults, her ignorance, her racial remarks, her bullying, her dismissive behavior towards my language and my culture, her insensitivity, her changing my name. . .ENOUGH!

My husband is my love and my partner. He loves me and has my back 100 percent and will always defend me. I'm sure all the husbands out there would also defend their lady if anyone is attacking her. Yolanda tried to tell my husband multiple times to stay out of it. She was simply insensitive. She has been there every time Brandi has attacked me and she has supported her attacks. At her own dinner she did not even try to reprimand Brandi's behavior towards me. So Yolanda, like you said, respect and friendships are earned. I agree completely with you. but as I said; It's a two way street. Don't expect respect if you can't give respect.

It was crazy how they all wanted to give excuses for Brandi's behavior and wanted me to simply shut up.

I think this "dream team" thinks they can say as they please and everyone will be scared -- but they messed with the wrong person. I am sweet and loving. I love people and will always seek the positive in people first. I know how to forgive and move on. But I won't be pushed around and I proved all my life that I AM NOT AFRAID and I can fight when necessary. So "dream team," dream on, but enough is enough and unfortunately for you all, I am NOT afraid of you.

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Kyle: I Couldn't Do Anything Right in Kim's Eyes

Kyle discusses the building tension between herself and Kim and what it was like to kiss Steven Tyler.

Yolanda invited us all to do the Fantastic Race. I had no clue what we were in for. When we arrived, I was happy and relieved to see Camille and even HAPPIER when I found out Brandi and I were on the same team. Phew!

Once we started, I was unexpectedly into it. I really liked this running around Beverly Hills, playing childhood games. I had to laugh, because all the women were tortured to have to actually drink a shake! Hehe! All in all, I think it was a great idea and something none of us had ever done (except forLisa R.). It certainly wasn't going to repair the issues between Brandi and me, but we both went along with the game. At this point I was relieved we could actually be in the same room and be civil, even though I knew we would never be friends. I had to laugh when Brandi said "Aggressive Spice” to the girls outside of Villa Blanca. Hey! That's my line that I used on HER. Haha.

It was all worth it (or so we thought it would be), because the reward was a trip to Amsterdam! I had never been and always wanted to go. Of course I had imagined going with Mauricio, but I thought it would be fun--at least with most of the girls.

On the way to Amsterdam, Yolanda invited the women to stop in Calgary, because she and David were hosting a big event for The David Foster Foundation. Lisa R., Brandi, Kim, and I joined Yolanda. Kim had expressed to me privately that she wasn’t happy with Lisa R. I told Kim Lisa was worried, and Brandi told Kim she was questioning her sobriety after poker night. Knowing what we know now, it's frustrating watching Brandi not explain her role in that conversation. Lisa R. had actually gone to talk to Brandi about HER behavior, and Brandi quickly turned it around and made it about Kim. Brandi also expressed concern and revealed things that I know Kim wouldn't appreciate, and yet she went to Kim and said, “I just want you to know what Lisa R. has been saying."

When Kim and I discussed her issues with Lisa R., I told Kim she should pull her aside privately and let her know that while she appreciates the concern, she didn't appreciate her talking about it to other people. I said that Lisa R. would understand, and the issue would be dropped.

As soon as we arrived to the plane, Kim was giving Lisa the cold shoulder. When Kim and Lisa R. started getting into it, I wanted to get a parachute and jump off the plane. It was so uncomfortable being stuck in between the two of them. Kim was then mad at me for looking uncomfortable. Oh boy. This should be fun...

Calgary was amazing in spite of the awkwardness on the plane. The event was beautiful and such an amazing cause. The event raising $8.2 million dollars was truly impressive. The energy in the room was so exciting. I am a huge fan of many of the people who performed that night. It was so nice to see these people coming together to help these children. The highlight of the night came when Steven Tyler and I danced together on stage to "Walk This Way" AND he kissed me! OMG. I still can't believe that happened! I've always loved his music, and he was so kind, fun, and generous that night that I am an even bigger fan now.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we stopped for a moment to use the restroom, and I set my bag aside, and then we resumed walking out. After we were downstairs, I realized I had left my bag there. I felt terrible and told the girls to go ahead, but they decided to wait. Brandi and Kim were clearly annoyed with me, but it was an accident. What can I say? We were all jet lagged, and I wasn't exactly at my sharpest. The topper was when we all crashed on the escalator and Brandi actually hurt her leg. It didn't look like that big of a deal on camera, but it was actually scary. It was a full escalator, and we were all starting to pile on top of each other. Luckily someone hit the stop button.

I couldn't do anything right in my sister's eyes, and things only get worse from here on.

Kyle Richards

Outside, Kim turned to me and snapped at me again. First she said I blamed her for the escalator mishap (which I did not), then said whenever she's late I laugh at her and leave her. She was referring to Season 2 when we were going to Hawaii, and she left her passport and missed the flight. I never laughed and made fun of her. I was frustrated and couldn't exactly make the plane wait for her. I couldn't do anything right in my sister's eyes and things only get worse from here on.

Next week is the most intense moment we have ever had in five seasons of RHOBH...

Thanks for watching and sharing our ups and downs with us.



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