Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Even after last week's drama, Joyce refused to be cruel to Brandi -- but she won't be compared to her.

on Dec 15, 2013

That night at the dinner table, after I said I don't like being called "hoice" because it brought back bad memories she said she didn't want to be a bully and she apologized for it. I always accept peoples apologizes, even if they've hurt me, because I think as humans we all make mistakes.

That being said, after watching tonight's episode, I'm mad at myself for being so lenient towards her and for giving her the benefit of the doubt so many times. In tonight's episode, I do agree with my friends! In hindsight, I should have politely asked her to pack her bags and leave the remainder of the trip.

Watching this week's episode made me very upset because now I see Brandi's true colors. I didn't know Brandi was faking being nice, as she said in her confessional. I was just thinking the poor girl probably has a drinking problem and how can you be rational with someone who is wasted out of their mind?

I now see that it wasn't the alcohol making her a bully. It was just her true character. Watching her tell Yolanda that she didn't want to ruin "Hoycita's" trip showed me what a conniving and hypocrite person she is.

Brandi saying she can be fake like me is ridiculous! I was nothing but nice to her!!! Brandi. . .You and I have nothing in common! You are a miserable person that wants to make everyone around you miserable. Stop saying I do things to get attention. Stop reflecting yourself in me! You DO EVERYTHING for attention as you've clearly said. . .You want to get a reaction out of people and provoke them. You are a master at trying to spin things the way you want. I should have known better and known not to trust you when you were faking to be "nice."

It's really crazy to me because there are moments in this group where we really have fun (or so I thought).