Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce discusses Yolanda being the Reunion "referee," how "vile" Brandi is, and Carlton being the first to label.

on Apr 1

Hola Mis Amores,

I can't believe it's finally the last Episode.

So before I dive into my thoughts on tonight's Episode, I want to once again THANK ALL of you for the support, the love, encouragement, and the messages -- as I love reading them. Thank you to my friends at Bravo, and especially to the wonderful crews who were with us all the time. You guys and the fans made this a wonderful journey. Above all, I thank God for allowing me to live this journey with all of you and my wonderful family, especially my husband Michael who supported me each and every single day even when the tides got tough.

Now, onto what you all want to hear. . .

Tonight we continue with a lot of old baggage drama between Kyle and Lisa.  I wish they could one day talk about it and leave everything in the open as I really do like both of them.

The drama between Lisa and Brandi is an entirely different story. I don't see how they could EVER move forward. When people are as vile as Brandi, it's hard to see a future with trust and I believe true friendships must be built on trust, respect, loyalty, and love. I don't see how you can say you love someone, yet talk so poorly about them. One of my favorite moments was when Lisa asked Brandi why she wanted to be her friend if she was so bad.