Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce wishes that Kyle could see through Brandi's agenda -- and is surprised Carlton didn't stick up for Lisa more.

on Mar 10

Hola Mis Amores! It's the season finale!

Before I dive into my opinions on the episode, I truly want to thank you for receiving me into your homes via TV and for the love I continuously feel from all of you. I want to shout out my wonderful fans who sent me the evil eye (which I wore in the Reunion) and another great fan who made me the stunning shoes I wore. I wanted to wear a little piece from my fans at the Reunion because it is you who are making this sometimes rocky journey worth it.

This Sunday is the big day of my charity event, Queen of the Universe, so I ask all of you to say a little prayer and send me all the positive energy. And if you are in the L.A. area please make sure to come and celebrate with me.

This week's episode was very telling to me.

I like both Kyle and Lisa. I like Kyle because she was open and kind to me at the very beginning when the other ladies were giving me their backs. I like Lisa because I've gotten to know her. She is very supportive and I I look up to her. After the Puerto Rico trip, I advised Kyle to really look at who instigated what. As much as I like Kyle, I do believe she was being influenced by the wrong people.

The recap of the lunch was extremely telling: Brandi was the one who brought up the tabloid rumors in front of everybody and Yolanda gave it credence by saying: "There is no smoke without fire." The only one at the luncheon to squash the tabloid rumors and said it was all nonsense was Lisa. And after all, the thing we should be questioning was who bought the tabloids in the first place and why? And who told Kyle about the rumors before the magazines even came out? That was Brandi! So for Kyle to believe Brandi (considering her track record of lying and creating drama for shock value) over Lisa doesn't make sense.

I told this to Kyle on multiple occasions as I didn't understand how she was believing every word Brandi said after Brandi had tried to talk crap about both Kyle and Kim to me from the beginning. I told Kyle what I thought because that is what friends do. I also told Lisa I believed she needed to be strong and confront the situation. I thought she needed to tell Brandi in front of Kyle that she was flat out lying. But after speaking to her more detailed about everything, I do understand how hurt she was and why she chose to simply walk away.