Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce can't believe Brandi thinks she's jealous or that Yolanda could behave the way she does.

on Dec 23, 2013

As I was filling him in I got so upset and said I should've probably said Brandi is a whore. . .I'm glad I didn't. Even though she refers to herself as a one all the time and chooses to call me one. It's such an ugly word towards any woman that I'm happy I didn't call her that. Although I must admit my patience with Brandi is really reaching it's limit. I can't deny anymore that she is truly starting to anger me. But regardless how much I hate Brandi's behavior and her hypocrisy; It really hurts me to see her pain because of the loss of beautiful Chica. Loosing a doggie is simply horrible. No matter how bad my relationship might be with someone, I will never wish anything like this even to an enemy and my feelings were with her during that difficult time.

Then we see Carlton with her beautiful nanny preparing a "playroom." Even if perhaps it's a bit intimate and awkward to prepare this for the world to see, I think its fine to have a playroom -- if that floats their boat. The fact though that it is coming from the person who managed to act upset when my husband joked about the movie Failure to Launch and its reference to a naked room, seems more than double standard? You are really upset that other people joke about a naked room while you are making an entire sex room?